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Recent New Members and Boats

New boat/new member






Guy Gilks 691

1920 twin cockpit single screw launch

NVET 129

Needs to email an up to date photo showing new name


Andy Jenkinson 692

Andy Clemance

1937 Broads cruiser


Joined March 2016


MTB102 Trust 694

c/o Richard Basey, Chairman of the Trust

1937 Motor Torpedo Boat




David Knight 695

1969 Riva


Joined April 2016


Howard Lawrence 696

1956 Gentlemanís twin screw diesel cruiser NVIN 136

Joined May 2016


Michael Goar 698

1936 slipper launch


Joined May 2016


Nigel Hughes 701

1905 Open Tender


Joined June 2016


Charlie Bil 702

1934 Dock tug


Joined June 2016

Requested photo for the database


Geraldine Bil 703

1934 Dock tug


Joined June 2016

Requested photo for the database

Maggie Ellen

Stephen King 704

1930 Gentlemanís day launch


Joined July 2016

Requested photo for the database

TVBC Boats with new Owners




Tiggy Whee (formerly Ticker-Wee/Vicky C)

Steve Wheeler 697

Open day launch NVET114

Joined May 2016

No hyphen in the new name


Dr Barry Denyer-Green 699

Gentlemanís motor yachtNVIN054

Joined June2016


Adrian Smith 700

Cruiser TVET003


Joined June2016

Originallyowned by founder member Mike Ayling

New Associate Member





Audrey Scrutton 693



Exisiting member Ė new boat




Lady Lou

Ian Gilbert 346

1936 Twin screw motor cruiser.


Dunkirk Little Ship



New Club Regalia!

A new range of crew wear for the membership has long been overdue and the inspiration for the new range came about after buying merchandise at the Trad Rally, supplied and embroidered by "Shipshape" Their range of quality clothing- including "Regatta" and "Gildan" - will provide us with a core range of hardwearing, practical boating attire, embroidered with our latest logo, that will further our promotional efforts of the TVBC whenever we are seen out on the water (or in a watering hole!)

Although the cream & brown club colours for Burgees, "The Boater" magazine and other stationery remains appropriate, it has not proved to be very popular or practical, especially as outer garments. I still have large stocks of the cream colour polo shirts that remain unsold and they are a devil to wash after a BBQ! We have therefore opted for navy blue outer garments and retained a cream polo shirt, but a deeper colour that will blend in with our new, heavy brushed cotton cap.

The range available enables us to expand and make changes as demand dictates and the intention is to place an order on a monthly basis and distribute the orders at club events or by post, as required. Our supplier can embroider almost anything, so we have introduced a club tie in silk and a canvas holdall for those weekends at club rallies.

The merchandise includes the club logo and is competitively priced in comparison to fellow yacht clubs using quality brands. Post & packing charges will be kept to a minimum, averaging £3.60 for a parcel containing a fleece and a burgee. An order form is available below to enable new and existing members to combine their clothing, burgee and plaque order all together.

We can even introduce cut glass Champagne flutes for those lazy afternoons at the Trad Rally!

So please,  have a browse and let me know what you think. Email me at:  janepercival@icloud.com

For the Illustrated Catalogue and Order Form - Click Here

To Access the new TVBC Database of Club Boats

To access the new database containing details of all TVBC Boats you must be a paid-up TVBC Member. Please email me, the Webmaster, at mike@phillipsweb.co.uk and I will send you a password. Many boats have large photos, and we are working to eventually have photos for all. UPDATE: The latest "Boater" magazine has the password to enable access for all members.

Annual Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fees are due by 15th of January of each year and are payable by
  (1) a Standing Order (preferred) - Standing Order forms are available for download here and here, and will commence payments on 15th January 2013 if sent off in time.
  (2)  a Bank Transfer to the club account: Sort Code 40-38-04 Account number 31380656 (Label it TVBC Annual Fee)
  (3)  a cheque made payable to "TVBC" posted to: The Treasurer, Peter Scrutton, 12 Ferndale Avenue, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9RB
Annual Membership Fees are £20 for Associate Members (who do not own a qualifying vintage boat) and £30 for Full Members and what were formerly classed as Family Members (now included under the umbrella title of Full Members)Full membership covers all family members living under the same roof (such as husband, wife and children).
Please make life easy for our Hon. Treasurer by paying on time!